Too Hot? There’s An iPhone Fan For That

Unless you’re at the beach enjoying sunny climes, summer sucks.  It’s too damn hot walking down the street in your business suit.  Luckily, you have an iPhone.  And a Dock Fan.

Perfect for cooling down on a humid afternoon, the iPhone accessory is a miniature fan designed to send cool breezes of air your way.  It connects to your handset’s dock port for power, draining your smartphone’s battery in exchange for relief from the summer heat.

The Dock Fan is a little plastic fixing that measures 3.3 x 1.15 x 0.5 and weighs a light 0.6 ounces.  An onboard motor will send the twin-blade propellers spinning at 4,000 rpm, whose aim can be adjusted to two angles (pointing down or to the side).  From the looks of it, your iPhone won’t be all that usable with the fan attached, but removing it should be easy, so not really a problem.

According to the product page, it can drain a standard iPhone battery’s charge in about 6 hours of use.   And that’s without using any of the features you actually bought a phone for.  Sure, you might not receive calls and texts for the rest of the day — but at least you’re not drenched in sweat.

Why not just carry one of those mini-fans with its own battery?  Because it’s not nearly half as fun as finding another way to misuse your iPhone (which, with the novelty accessory in tow, you can now pretend is a toy helicopter).  The Dock Fan is available now, priced at ¥1,260 (around $15).