iPhone Spy Stick Pulls Data From Your iOS-Powered Handset

Want to spy on anyone’s cellphone habits?  If they’ve got an iPhone, this is how you do it: the iPhone Spy Stick.

Billed as a data recovery tool, the single purpose peripheral is designed to pull down a variety of information stored on an iPhone.  It won’t be able to steal everything (like email), but the list of data it will download is impressive: texts, call history, calendar events, photos, contact information, map searches, locations tracked via GPS, web history and voice memos.  Even better, it will download not just existing data, but deleted ones too.

The iPhone Spy Stick takes the form of a regular thumb drive, which would have made it inconspicuous, save for the large “iPhone Spy Stick” logo slathered across its body.   With a name like that, I was hoping you can just pickpocket someone’s iPhone, plug the stick right into the phone, steal all their data and put it back like nothing happened.  Unfortunately, that’s pretty high-level spy shit, so you’ll have to settle for a less-sophisticated approach.

To use it, you have to plug both the iPhone and the stick onto a Windows computer.  A program installed in the USB will run that will facilitate the downloading – you just sit back and let it do the rest.  Basically, if you’re going to steal someone’s data, you have to pickpocket their iPhone, lock yourself in the bathroom with a laptop, plug the stick and iPhone in, steal all their data and put it back like nothing happened.

Overall, the iPhone Spy Stick sounds like an excellent tool for creating backup data, recovering information deleted out of stupidity, catching cheating spouses, monitoring your kids’ cellphone habits or waiting for someone to pass out before stealing all their iPhone data like they do in the movies.  It’s available now for $199.

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