iPill Remedies Your iPod Recording Woes


The iPill may not carry any medicinal value, but it’s probably what the doctor ordered for sound recording on your iPod.  Plug it into your music gadget’s headphone socket and enable monoaural recording on your Nano 4G, Classic 120GB or Touch 2G.

Apple, for all the great tech they make, usually fashion pretty nominal accessories, their mics included.   The odd-looking “noise-gatherer” claims to work better, apart from looking like a big slab of antibiotics for whatever you contracted from your last out-of-town escapade.  Yep, I heard about that – sorry, buddy.

Just like a real capsule, the iPill splits in half, with one part providing the actual mic and the other serving as a cap for the 3.5mm connector.  The microphone sports five tiny holes on the top to draw whatever you’re hoping to keep for posterity, while the other end rocks a small eyelet so you can hang it on a thin piece of strap (like a necklace or such).

Created by Japanese company Ozaki, the iPill is now available for only $13, a value worth every penny according to iLounge, which declares it a big winner in products along the same price range and category.  They say it’s “dramatically louder” than Apple’s own mono mic offering, helping create recordings that don’t require much volume alterations and touting a more natural overall voice balance.

It’s only slightly bigger than a regular pharmaceutical pill, so keep it away from your medicine cabinet to avoid being mistaken for one.  Swallowing one would really suck, wouldn’t it?

[via iLounge]