Ippinka MKC Wallet Combines Your Bi-Fold And Keychain Into A Single EDC Gear


Consolidating your everyday carry is always a good idea, since anything that leaves more room in your pocket can only be a positive. That’s exactly what Ippinka MKC Wallet does, as it combines your wallet and keychain into a single tool.

A more versatile wallet, it can hold cash and cards just like your current favorite bi-fold, all while also having facilities to hold keys, USB sticks, and other keychain tools. Even better, the keys and tools can be flipped out of the wallet like a classic Swiss Army Knife, allowing you to use them without having to remove anything from their place.


The Ippinka MKC Wallet contains three separate pockets – one for your cash, one for your cards, and another for your keys. The cash and card pockets are, pretty much, interchangeable, so you can use them for both, while the key pocket comes with two integrated bolts where you can secure keys and any kind of tool with an eyehole on the head. According to the outfit, it can hold up to eight keys, along with a generous combination of cards and cash.


It comes in two versions: one with a flap cover and another without, both of which are made in supple leather in either black or vintage brown. Ippinka, by the way, also sells two tools designed for use with the wallet, namely a bottle opener and a 16GB USB flash drive, although you can use any keychain tools you own in their place.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Ippinka MKC Wallet. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at CAD$62 (around $45).

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