IRIS 9000 Turns Your iPhone 4S Into HAL 9000

When Siri first rolled out on the iPhone 4S, many sci-fi geeks were thinking one thing: it’s like the progenitor for our very own HAL 9000.  As it turns out, we don’t have to wait for Siri’s future incarnations to get that with the IRIS 9000, a voice control module that turns your iPhone into a clone of Arthur C. Clarke’s AI robot.

A unique iPhone accessory, it consists of a cradle for docking your handset and a tower-style speaker with an ominous glowing red eye that resembles HAL 9000’s iconic camera lens.  Since Siri can’t be controlled from afar, the set also comes with a micro-remote that lets you punch a button to trigger the app’s actions and responses from up to 50 feet away.

Why deal with a virtual assistant that you can’t holler at from across the room?  With the IRIS 9000, you don’t have to.  The built-in mic will pick up your queries and commands from a distance, while the speaker will amplify Siri’s voice so you can hear it from afar.  The red LED eye flickers along with her voice, too, so it’s really like having your own heuristically-programmed algorithmic computer.

In case you’re having a girl over, you can disguise your “Space: 2001 Odyssey” obsession by telling her the rig is just your speakerphone for making and receiving hands-free calls.  And, yes, it works for that purpose, too, so your date doesn’t have to find out your nerdy little secret.

The IRIS 9000 won’t ship until 2012, which means you’ll have to go through the holidays without your own HAL 9000 clone.  You can pre-order now to make sure you get in on the first batch, though.  Price is $59.99.