An Iron Man Briefcase For Stark Industries’ Office Drones

If you want to look more professional, it’s customary to replace your backpack with a leather briefcase.  Unless you work at Stark Industries, in which case, the Iron Man Briefcase should prove more appropriate.

A real attaché case designed to hold stacks of papers for business use, it has a genuine leather interior with hard rubber lining, complete with compartments and pockets for organizing your document ensemble.  When closed shut, it’s an accurate replica of like Iron Man’s fold-up suit in the movie, fooling people into thinking you’re carrying a toy when, in fact, you’re going to work.  Suckers.

The Iron Man Briefcase measures 16 x 21 x 6.5 inches (h x w x d) when closed and weighs a solid 14.5 lbs.   Yes, that’s before you load it up with either books and printouts (if you’re an office drone) or guns and knives (if you’re an assassin), so expect to grow more muscles on whichever arm you use to carry it (we suggest the left, just to balance things out).  A pair of conventional suitcase buckles lock the case shut.

Body is made from elaborately-machined brushed aluminum,  with a coating of red automotive paint to mimic the prop from the movie.  It’s perfectly usable as an everyday suitcase for the office, although we’d caution against using it regularly if you care about getting ahead (or getting laid, for that matter).

Unfortunately, the Iron Man Briefcase cannot turn into an exoskeleton suit, so you’ll have to use your imagination when changing into your superhero costume. Only 1,000 pieces are going to be sold for $459.99 each.

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