Iron Samurai LED Clock Puts A Faceless Watch Around Your Wrist


“Hey, look, that guy is wearing a watch bracelet with no watch.  Idiot.”

That’s probably how people will react when they see you wearing the Iron Samurai LED Clock, a “stylish” (really, now?) men’s bracelet that looks like it’s missing a watch case.  Of course, if you want to change their minds, simply tap the first button on the right side of the piece to make the time appear in red LEDs.  Suddenly, it’s awesome.  Idiots.

While the Samurai reference totally goes over my head (Tokugawan style and Shogunate design my ass), the Iron Samurai LED Clock sure looks grand.  It’s supposedly built using Samurai sword material (i.e. carbonized steel folded 1000x over), but I wouldn’t count on it.


Consisting of one full steel bracelet that wraps around your wrist, it uses the gaps between the links to display the time in analog mode, two digits on each line.  In watch mode, the top part displays the hours and the bottom shows the minutes; in date mode, it shows month and day, top and bottom. Chinavasion claims its perfect for descendants of real samurai warriors, machine language hackers and anyone who can sing an entire rendition of Journey’s Open Arms at karaoke.

I’m pretty sure the Chinavasion guys coopted this from an existing design (the Faceless Watch, if I remember it correctly – unless this is the same thing).  Being unabashedly made in China, it’s likely of suspect build too.  But at the $15.58 selling price (not to mention, the cheeky Journey reference), I find it hard to complain.  It’s cheap and awesome – a perfect combination, especially for Christmas.