Iron Station Reinvents The Ironing Board

There’s no chore I hate more than ironing.  And, yes, I do wear most of my clothes straight off the dryer.  No craps given.  If I’m going to iron any garment, though, the Iron Station is where I might want to do it.

A novel ironing board, it solves the age-old problem of trying to find the right angle to iron sleeves, pants legs, collars and other difficult-to-unwrinkle sections of garments.  Instead of just a regular board sized to hold a shirt, it comes with rotating arms that make it easy to iron sleeves and pants legs, as well as a clamping feature that holds up your dress shirt’s cuffs and collars for the perfect press.

When folded in, the Iron Station is shaped just like a traditional ironing board with a tripod stand that provides optimum stability.  Once you need to iron pants or sleeves, simply pull the pivoting arms out (it can be positioned in numerous angles) and insert the appropriate parts of the clothes into their corresponding boards.  Features include a sturdy steel metal frame, non-slip rubber feet, removable cotton board covers (so you can wash them, of course), and a flat-folding mechanism that allows for easy storage.  Granted, ironing will still be a chore, but the novel design should lessen some of the unnecessary hassle.

Billed as “the pivotal ironing board,” the Iron Station is currently in development over at Quirky.  You can visit the project page to learn more and pitch in your ideas.

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