Is This The World’s Largest Scrabble Game?

We’re not actually sure if this is the largest scrabble game board in the world.  I mean, I’m pretty sure anyone with enough floor space and spare time can build something even bigger.  As for a scrabble game you can buy online, though, the “world’s largest” billing is probably accurate.

Handcrafted by mixed media artist John Kahn, the supersized game is a limited-edition piece with only nine in existence.  Instead of tabletop play, the board is wall-mounted, so it can double as a pop art wall décor at whatever part of the house you install it in.

The World’s Largest Scrabble Game measures 88.5 x 99.25 x 7 inches and comes with two tile racks that line up at 6 x 5.6 x 7 inches.  Construction is  Russian birch plywood,  with a 0.23-gauge galvanized steel sheet laminate and a heavy vinyl print on top.  It uses the classic purple-hued background of the original Scrabble game, complete with the conventional board layout.

Each of the 100 birch plywood tiles comes with a rare earth magnet inside, so it sticks right to the steel in the backboard when you line up your winning words.   The letters are sandblasted onto the front, before being lacquered, sanded and finished with a clear coat.

If a giant Scrabble game is exactly what your home has been missing, then better snap up the opportunity to get one of these custom-built pieces.  We’re not sure how many of the nine they have, but you can order it from Hammacher Schlemmer for $12,000.