Isukebo Skateboard Chair Lets You Skate At Work

Skaters grow up too.  And some of them grow up to be office dorks just like you.  If you miss your days of grinding on rails and kicking on ramps, you can assuage the longing a bit by trading in your Herman Miller for the Isukebo Skateboard Chair.

Made by Japan’s Rolling Foot, the furniture isn’t just a quirky design concept, a cute prank or a one-off for a trade show.  Instead, it’s a real product you can buy as a replacement for your office chair bed right now.  Sure, you can’t sleep in it like that office wonder of a chair, but when was the last time you really slept in your chair in the middle of the work day anyway (if you’re like everyone else, you probably doze off in more private settings, like the stock room or a bathroom cubicle).

The Isukebo is a wheeled office chair fashioned in the likeness of skateboards.   It uses plywood for the seat and back with unmistakable skater designs, so you can relive your glory days while typing spreadsheets and printing reports.  There’s no cushion, though, so we’re not sure how comfy this is compared to the padded ergonomic chattels you’re using now.

Even though it’s intended for sitting down in front of a desk, the whole thing is actually designed to be plenty “rideable.”  Armed with skateboard wheels, it rolls pretty sweet on concrete, with changing directions easily managed by simply shifting your weight.  Check out the video below to see it in action.

Rolling Foot has the Isukebo Skateboard Chair on sale, priced at around $650 each.

[Rolling Foot via Crunchgear]