iTablet, A Handheld Bluetooth Keyboard With A Touchpad Backside

Bluetooth keyboards litter peripheral shelves like never before, so seeing a new one isn’t really something special.

The iTablet Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard, however, adds extra functionality by appending a touchpad at the back of the device. 

Since the keyboard is intended for handheld use (like a cellphone keyboard), having the touchpad in the back makes it easy to move onscreen pointers by simply reaching at it using your index finger.  They’re marketing it for use with any Bluetooth-enabled devices that could use a physical keyboard and a touchpad, such as your tablet, smartphone and your HTPC setup.  If you’re willing to shell out for an extra Bluetooth adapter, they should also work fine with your Xbox 360 and PS3, making the painful chore of typing on consoles a more palatable affair.

The iTablet Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard has an unusual curvy shape that should make it a lot more convenient for holding in hand, compared to a strictly rectangular slab.   A pair of fold-out stands in the back should make it perfectly fine for tabletop use, as well, although you do lose access to the trackpad in that position.

Dimensions are 5.9 x 3.5 inches, making it small enough to squeeze into your bag for portable use.  The keys, which can be bought in US or UK layouts, are all backlit for use under low light.

According to creators AHX Global, the iTablet Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard is now available in black and white colorways, priced at £79.99 (about $132).

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