iTwin Simplifies Remote Access Of Files

There are many ways to get access to your files when you’re on the road.  You can carry a portable drive, dump your stuff in the cloud, remote-access your home computer or any of a few other possible solutions.   The iTwin offers a different method that claims to be as simple as a flash drive, while allaying common security concerns.

Designed to facilitate remote access of your home or office computer’s file system, the setup lets you view, edit, create, copy and paste both files and folders on a machine from far, far away.  Like from the other end of the world, provided they have internet access there, of course.  The drives appear right on Windows Explorer with full access just like a regular thumb drive.

The iTwin uses a pair of USB dongles to “connect” the remote computers.  You plug one on the machine you want to access remotely before you leave, then plug the other dongle to your laptop anywhere you feel the need to browse your torrented collection of Taylor Swift and Ke$ha music videos.    The dongles work via plug-and-play on any Windows computer, taking care of any software and configuration changes that need to run all by its lonesome.

All transmitted data is protected by AES-256 encryption, so sensitive information you access should stay safe.  Each dongle will only work with its “twin,” so only you will have access to the shared computer.  You can also remotely disable the dongle on your shared machine in case you accidentally lose the nub during travel.

Unlike cloud-based solutions, the iTwin only requires purchase of the dongle, with no recurring costs whatsoever.  It’s available now, priced at $99.