Ixoost Esavox Speaker Brings Lamborghini Styling To Your Home Entertainment Setup


Yes, it looks like someone ripped out the entire tail end of a Lamborghini for displaying in your home. That’s because the iXoost Esavox speaker has been designed like an actual Lambo, boasting a monocoque carbon twill chassis, a passive shock absorber system, and an exhaust with variable aperture. Really.

Styled to recall iconic elements of Lamborghini’s cars, the darn thing borrows the geometry and proportions of the automaker’s creations, turning out a piece that’s as much an automotive sculpture as it is a badass home speaker. Simply put, it’s a mind-blowing rig that’s as innovatively-designed and well-crafted as one of Lambo’s exotics. Oh yeah, that’s a genuine Lambo exhaust front and center, by the way, which really boosts the speaker’s aesthetics nicely.


The Ixoost Esavox pairs its car-like chassis with two hexagonal side cabinets, each housing a 6.5-inch full-range driver and an 8-inch woofer, along with a down-firing, high-sensitivity 15-inch subwoofer and two 1-inch tweeters. It comes with two valve pre-amps for each channel, a 600-watt amplifier for the drive units, and a 200-watt amp dedicated to the subwoofer, with the frequency control managed by a pair of 24-bit digital signal processors. A start button allows you to switch on the speaker like you would an actual Lambo, although you won’t get a roaring engine sound, but rather whatever’s streaming to it over Bluetooth. Features include an RCA input, subwoofer volume adjustments, bass reflex pressure adjustments, and built-in thermal protection.


Available now, the iXoost Esavox is priced at $21,000.

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