iXoost Is A Gorgeous Car Exhaust iPod Speaker Dock

That Gearbox Coffee Table  sitting in the center of your living room sure steals some mad attention.  But you’ve had it sitting there a while now and you’re pretty much over the novelty.  You want something new to stare wide-eyed at every morning, all while representing your gearhead personality.  The iXoost sounds like the perfect new rig.

Yes, that’s a car’s exhaust manifold sitting on top of a metal base.  And it looks awesome.  While that, on its own, makes this a gorgeous decorative sculpture, it’s also a fully functional high-end audio system with an iPod dock that makes playing your tunes just a little bit more stylish.

The brainchild of Matteo Panini and Mirco Pecorari, the iXoost is completely hand built by local craftsmen from the Italian city of Modena.  The base is fashioned out of a solid block of aluminum, with the exhaust manifold twisted and turned using five-axis machines.  They are, then, decked in a glossy, colorful finish and lined with leather accents in various parts.

Other than a 140W active subwoofer, there’s no mention of what other hardware goes inside, but we’re guessing it’s something pretty powerful (this isn’t some cheap iPod speaker here).  Since the rigs are hand built, users can ask for whatever customizations they would like, including choosing between using manifolds with 8, 10 or 12 cylinders.  According to the product page, though, it’s iDevice only, so there’s no extra jack for using with using with other handheld gadgets.

Pricing for the iXoost Car Exhaust Audio System starts at $6,300.

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