Jada Toys Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Nano Scene Recreates The Entrance To The Dinosaur Theme Park

If you’ve collected a bunch of Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs over the years, chances are, you’ve got them shown off on a display case somewhere. Or maybe you have a jungle island diorama on a tabletop where you’ve got them roaming around like the actual creatures from prehistoric times. With the Jada Toys Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Nano Scene, you can now turn that diorama into a proper amusement park.

That’s right, they recreated the entrance to the original Jurassic Park from the films, allowing you to welcome visitors to your very own miniature version of the fictional attraction. Granted, an entrance gate is only a small part of a massive amusement park for prehistoric behemoths, but it’s definitely an important one if you’re trying to recreate the dinosaur theme park straight out of the movies.

The Jada Toys Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Nano Scene recreates the gate scene from the original film, when the crew of scientists and researchers first arrive at the park. It’s a detailed recreation, too, reprising everything from the tall gate and the black pillar to the steel fence and the large prehistoric plants surrounding the driveway. They even have a column of torches lighting the entrance, ensuring you can read the large marquee of the theme park on top. The gate, by the way, can be opened, allowing you to show vehicles coming and out (and large carnivorous dinosaurs chasing them as they escape, if that’s your thing).

We love the paint job on this thing, with the gate doors colored up to look like wood with detailed weathering and the pillars done up to look like thick slabs of rock (they look like granite or something similar). Suffice to say, these things are craftily painted, making for a downright visual treat for miniature collectors and fans of the franchise alike.

The Jada Toys Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Nano Scene even have small dinosaurs roaming about the grounds on the other side of the fence, which really brings the scene to life and makes it feel more vibrant. Aside from the gate, they also included a pair of 1.65-inch vehicles, namely a Ford Explorer and a Jeep Wrangler, the party used to drive to the park during their first visit. The cars are both die-cast with rolling wheels, so you can play with them just like you play with regular Hot Wheels cars.

Sadly, the Jada Toys Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Nano Scene seems to be a standalone toy, with no available modules to expand the theme park. Seriously, we’d be happy with just additions to the fence, so we can, at least, pretend to keep all our dinosaurs inside the perimeter. Maybe, Mini Materials or some other miniature construction kits have options in their inventories that won’t look too out of place with the set? At any rate, this is a really good toy to build on if you want to create your own tabletop theme park.

The Jada Toys Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Nano Scene is available now.