JAG Grill Turns The Dining Table Into Barbecue Central

You know those hot pot Asian restaurants that have a boiling pot (and, often, a griddle) in the middle, where you can cook raw food items into whatever awful-tasting dish you want? The JAG Grill is kind of like that. Instead of a boiling pot and a griddle, however, it puts a giant grill in the center of the table, allowing everyone to make their own barbecued feasts.

No more entrusting the designated grillmaster (it’s really hard to trust a dude wearing a Tactical BBQ Apron) with cooking your steaks the way you like them done. With this thing, you have the power to grill your hotdogs, burgers, and kebabs exactly how you like.

The JAG Grill comes with eight individual grilling surfaces with a designated table space right in front of each, so you can take the steak out of the grill straight to your plate and right into your mouth. Need to add more charcoal to one of the grills? No need to bother the person cooking his steak; instead, just lift up the grill dome in the center and send more briquettes his way. The grill dome, by the way, can also act as a fire pit for burning logs, as well as serve as a shared cooking area for grilling veggies and sandwhiches without overcooking them.

Got more than eight guests coming to the barbecue? Not a problem: just remove all the table surfaces and it becomes a community grill where everyone can partake in the cooking duties.

Slated to ship in June, the JAG Grill is available for preorder, priced at $2,499 ($500 deposit required).

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