Is This The Most Awesome/Twisted/Scary Looking Dagger Ever?

If you’re going to carry a double barrel pistol, you need to match the awesomeness with a knife that’s similarly over the top.  And I think we’ve found it with the Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger.

Designed by Tony Marfione, it’s a knife with three edges, all culminating into one sharp end.  The edges twist, twirl and groove throughout the length, too, making for one blade that’s equal parts confusing and awe-inspiring.

You know how when playing a violent video game and the character will stab someone, they don’t just stick the knife in, they twist it around for maximum blood and gore?  We guess you don’t need to do that with the Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger fixed blade knife, which should puncture a similarly wild hole all on its own.  It’s quite light at just a pound, too, so you should have no problem wielding it for whatever purpose suits you.

The entire thing measures 13.75 inches long, with the blade making up 7 inches of the ensemble.  Both the handle and blade are forged from 440A stainless steel with a green-coated finish, with the included sheath made from aircraft-grade black aluminum.  The hollow handle features a removable butt cap that comes with a lanyard hole and a glass breaker tip, just in case you find either of those things useful.  Each sheath comes with a serial number (so you can feel special), along with an integrated loop for hooking onto a belt.

The Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger is currently listed at Knife Art, but is presently out of stock.  No pricing is listed either.