Jaguar Virtual Windscreen Turns Your Car Into A Virtual Simulator

If our future roads do end up populated by self-driving cars, then the need for a technology like the Jaguar Virtual Windscreen is likely to be nonexistent.  In the meantime, it’s something we’d definitely like to have in any vehicle we drive now.

Made by Jaguar Land Rover, the concept device uses technology similar to existing HUDs and telematics recorders, but steps things up by turning driving into a game-like experience, complete with a variety of stats and 3D objects projected in front of the driver.  The entire windscreen is turned into an advanced HUD, with plenty of space ready to display any kind of information.

The Jaguar Virtual Windscreen can be used to project a whole range of items, including 3D instrument clusters, braking guidance, and even a live feed from the rear camera.  Basically, it will render many items in existing cars obsolete, moving everything you keep tabs off while driving into a single unified display.  More than that, though, it can be used to simulate various driving scenarios, such as creating virtual lines for simulated racing, virtual cones to simulate an autocrossing, and virtual cars so you can pretend you’re in a busy race track while actually spending the night doing donuts in the parking lot.

Aside from the display, the innovative tech includes E-Field Sensing gesture controls, so users can interact with the display using simple hand motions.  The sensing field can work at a 20cm distance, so you don’t have to actually touch the windshield – you just need to bring your finger close enough for the device to detect it.

You can watch the video below to learn more.

[via Digital Trends]