Jakks Pacific Super Mario Kart 24V Ride-On Racer Takes The Mario Racing Action To The Neighborhood

Playing Mario Kart with your kids makes for a fun time bonding. If the kids enjoy die-cast models, you can even take your Mario Kart action offline with Hot Wheels’ track sets. If your kids are small enough to still enjoy driving ride-on cars, you might want to plop them in the cabin of the Jakks Pacific Super Mario Kart 24V Ride-On Racer.

That’s right, they’re turning Mario’s Standard Kart into a real-life ride-on toy car, so you can have your kids racing around the neighborhood on vehicles straight out of Nintendo’s long-running race series. Sadly, there’s no antigravity feature, so your kids won’t be hovering off the ground any time soon, but they can scoot around sidewalks and backyards the same way Mario zips through tracks in the game.

The Jakks Pacific Super Mario Kart 24V Ride-On Racer recreates the Standard Kart from the game, so you get the same go-kart profile that makes it ideal for driving. It faithfully reproduces all the familiar elements from the ride, such as the red-white-and-blue livery, open cabin, and the large Mario “M” out front. Equipped with a 24V battery, the ride-on can hit speeds of up to 8 mph, with three forward speeds putting kids in charge of how fast they can wreck through the neighborhood, along with a reverse, so they can back up just as easily.

It comes with authentic engine sounds, so the kart sounds just like its in-game counterpart, while oversized rear wheels allow the ride to drift during sudden braking. Engine sounds are not the only thing it plays, too, with item box effect sounds, the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe theme song, and more also onboard. Other features include an adjustable seat, a seatbelt for safe driving, and a maximum driver weight of 81 pounds.

The Jakks Pacific Super Mario Kart 24V Ride-On Racer is available now, priced at $398.

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