JakPak Jacket Is A Sleeping Bag, Emergency Shelter And A Tent


When you need to camp for the night while trekking in the woods, having both a tent and a sleeping bag does sound awesome.  Carrying them around while you’re climbing rocks or slaving over tough trails, however, doesn’t.  With the JakPak, a jacket that can transform into either a sleeping bag or a covered shelter, there’s no need to compromise either way.

A versatile garment for active, outdoor lifestyles, it can turn from an all-weather jacket into a personal sleeping system by simply unzipping and pulling out a few components.  Sure that bivy bag looks hell for someone very claustrophobic, but with waterproof and mosquito-proof qualities, it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable than parking your ass on cold earth.

In jacket mode, the JakPak comes with three usable pockets (with matching storm flaps), an integrated hood with visor and a three-season design (spring, summer and fall).  It’s made from polyester body fabric (meets CPAI-84 flame retardant standards), with breathable waterproof construction and built-in mosquito netting.


To commission it for other uses, simply pull out parts from the designated pockets, such as the sleeping bag from the 5-coil zipper and the shelter around the head area.  The tent is actually a removable part of the jacket, though, so you can set it up separately to house your things, while you use the sleeping bag for the night.  It’s very light, with the large-size version weighing a mere 3lbs.

Even if you’re not into the outdoors, the Jakpak should prove handy in many occasions.  When you’re too sleepy to get any real productive work done in the office, for instance, just lock yourself in the bathroom with your jacket and unfurl it into a sleeping area.  Hey, it’s waterproof, so you’re safe…I think.  Aaaah, comfort.  It will be available beginning in the second quarter for $249.99.

[JakPak via Red Ferret]