Make Your Own Viking Warship With Japanese Tools’ 19-Piece Boat Builders Set


Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s probably a bad idea to build your own boat. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that building a boat can probably make for hours upon hours upon hours of fun. So fire up the shipbuilding YouTube tutorial, stock up on supplies from the hardware store, and send in an order for this 19-Piece Boat Builders Tool Set.

Curated by Japanese Tools Australia with help from the Legacy Nautical Boat Builders, this tool kit compiles a carefully-selected set of tools for full-on timber boat-building duties. Yes, they do recommend it be used by a qualified shipwright to maximize “performance, enjoyment and efficiency,” although total novices should find it plenty useful for starting, restarting, and hopefully completing their own amateur shipwright projects after a few failed attempts all the same.


The Japanese Tools 19-Piece Boat Builders Set consists entirely of hand tools, each of which have been successfully tested to properly get the job done. You get a Universal Saw Set (with a red oak handle, four swappable blades and its own canvas bag), three chisels of different sizes with a heavy-duty canvas roll, a timber mallet, a double-sided flat saw rasp, a precision square, a nail punch and puller, a sliding bevel, two smoothing planes, and a rebate plane, with a slim-profile canvas carry bag for holding the entire kit in one place.

Available now, the Japanese Tools 19-Piece Boat Builders Set is priced at $538.

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