Jean Hanger: Finally, A Neat Way To Hang Your Pants In The Closet


Most pant hangers use clips to secure the trousers onto their frame. It’s not ideal (they leave clip marks, after all), but they’re way better than folding your pants (folds and creases aren’t exactly flattering) to keep the closet looking organized. The Jean Hanger offers a clever alternative.

Eliminating the need for clips, this new hanger design secures any pair of jeans via three of its belt loops, ensuring the trousers hang freely the entire time it’s there. That means, no folds, no creases, and no clip marks, all while conveniently hanging with the rest of the garments in your closet.


The Jean Hanger consists of a single piece of wood, with grooves on each end so the belt loops don’t slip and a hook in the middle for holding the center belt loop. It’s a simple but clever design that makes a whole lot of sense for storing jeans (or any kind of pants with belt loops for that matter). Measuring 19 inches wide, it’s large enough to hold any size of pants between 22 and 44 inches, while being small enough to fit in most any closet (a standard hanger measures 18 inches). Construction is beech wood that’s half-an-inch thick to ensure it’s durable enough to support even the heaviest pants.


Since the hanger, essentially, hangs the pants flat, it should also function as a great way to air-dry your jeans those rare times you wash them. Those dryers can be nasty to premium denim, after all – air drying should help you extend its life just a tad bit longer.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Jean Hanger. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $10. Now, if they can just make an uber-manly rebar version, life will be complete.

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