Jellio Candelier Lights Up Your Home Using 15,000 Gummi Bears

Chandeliers are, typically, ornate-lighting fixtures reserved for large, elegantly-styled homes. While you can always hang one up in the ceiling of your bachelor pad (aka the geeky headquarters), we doubt a tiered crystal chandelier is going to go well with your Retro Invader CouchSevered Horse Head Throw Pillow, and Star Trek Fine Art Prints. At least, that used to be the case until someone created the Jellio Candelier.

Like other chandeliers, this one is large, ornate, and extremely complex. Unlike them, it isn’t decked in cut glass or crystals or any of the typical chandelier materials. Instead, it covers the lighting unit with 15,000 multi-colored gummi bears, making it the perfect ceiling-mounted lighting fixture for a less-than-elegant, toy-filled abode.

Worried about inviting a veritable army of ants with that many gummi bears? Don’t worry, the Jellio Candelier doesn’t actually use edible gelatin candies. Instead, these are all acrylic gummies, merely sized and shaped to look like the popular chewy, fruity, colorful treats. Each of the inch-tall gummi bears are hand-strung around a frame that covers the 50-watt compact fluorescent bulb, with the entire assembly hanging off a powder-coated aluminum plate. The actual chandelier measures 31 inches in diameter, with the ceiling plate measuring 32 inches wide.

Oh yeah, one of these Jellio Candeliers was actually used as a prop on the Nickelodeon show iCarly, so you can tell your little nieces and nephews that they borrowed yours for the show or something. It’s made by Kevin Champeny for Jellio, where it retails for $6,500.

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