Jet Capsule SS Brings Sporty Performance in a Whimsical-Looking Boat

It looks like the kind of boat they offer up as a ride on an amusement park with its capsule shape and adorable proportions. Seriously, looks like an oversized beach toy. However, the Jet Capsule SS is an actual watercraft designed to ferry you and several passengers across the water, whether for joyrides, nearby island trips, or traveling back and forth to an anchored yacht.

A follow-up to the Jet Capsule CX from 2019, the new boat actually looks identical to its predecessor, albeit with a slightly larger profile at eight meters long. What sets it apart, though, is the improved performance (hence the SS, which stands for SuperSport), which should make it even more fun to take on the water.

The Jet Capsule SS retains the same curvy form factor as its predecessor, which basically consists of a powerboat-like hull and a pod-like structure that goes on top to keep the elements out. It gets large windows to allow full visibility for the pod’s occupants, allowing you to enjoy the sights while sitting inside, shielded from the sun, rain, and splashes. Getting in and out of the pod is situated around the back, where it also gets a ladder leading to a sundeck in the roof, allowing folks to go sunbathing there if that’s their thing. It has a wide rear that should make it easy for passengers to get on and off, although they also offer a sliding door for those who want a fully-enclosed pod.

A single center seat in front of the pod is reserved for the skipper, giving the person get easy access to the boat’s controls. The rest of the pod’s interior, though, can be customized to your specific needs, so you can equip it with whatever layout you need (options include a dining area, a bathroom, and even sleeping appointments). For those looking to maximize passenger space, it can be outfitted with up to 12 additional seats, although that configuration doesn’t leave much space to fit anything else in the pod, so you won’t be able to bring along much cargo.

The Jet Capsule SS is equipped with a Hamilton Jet drive and a 640-horsepower engine as standard, which is enough to propel it to speeds of up to 38 knots (437 mph). Alternatively, you can opt for a different engine, with options available from 570 and 850 horsepower, so there are more powerful options if you need the extra muscle. There’s an electric docking system, so you dock it without having to keep the noisy engine running. Despite being bigger and more powerful, the SS is actually lighter than the CX before it, tipping the scales at 7,055 pounds compared to the CX’s 8,377 pounds, which is achieved by the liberal use of carbon fiber throughout various parts of the watercraft.

Is this thing stable? Well, it looks stable enough to drive through the water without much trouble. However, we have a feeling this isn’t smooth sailing the pod, although we’d be happy to be proven wrong.

No pricing is listed yet for the Jet Capsule SS. Given that the CX retailed for around $250,000 with all the options onboard, we’re guessing it’s going to cost even more than that.

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