Jet-Propelled Kayak Lets You Throw Your Paddles Out And Ride In Comfort

jet-kayakPaddling on a kayak is one of the most serene water activities you can enjoy.  Sometimes, though, it’s more fun to just speed through the waterway than paddle through it.

The Mokai Jet-Propelled Kayak is a full-featured canoe that you can use both as a regular paddler and a motorized watercraft.  Powertrain assembly and disassembly is supposed to take no more than a minute, making it especially ideal for a variety of recreational uses.  As such, you can ride it manually one day (for leisurely paddles, exercise or sport) and fit in the engine the next (for fishing, exploring or just speeding through the water) – all with only one boat to carry along.  Since it’s compact enough to transport atop the roof of a car (dry weight is a mere 100 lbs), it eliminates the need for a trailer, allowing you to pack light for your next outdoor adventure.


It powers via a removable four-stroke, 6hp Honda engine, coupled with a jet propulsion system that can run up to 8 hours on a 3-gallon full tank.  With the engine on, the Jet-Propelled Kayak can take you to speeds of up to 15mph, effectively leaving behind all the poor paddlers in its wake, while managing a maximum load of 360 lbs.   Other features of the water vehicle include 1+1 seating and a large storage area (for all your supplies).  It comes with a number of accessories, including a paddle, carry bag for the engine, weather cover, tie-down straps and a wilderness survival pack.

Why haul along a kayak and a motorized boat when you can have two-for-one with the awesome-looking Mokai Jet-Propelled Kayak?

More info at Mokai via Uncrate