Jetfoiler Adds A Motorized Hydrofoil To Surfboards For An Entirely New Experience


Motorized surfboards are great, allowing folks to turn erstwhile calm waters into viable, albeit non-challenging, surfing destinations. The Jetfoiler adds an extra element to motorized decks by throwing in an electric hydrofoil to let you cruise right above the water surface.

That’s right, someone decided to combine two popular surfboard enhancements into one rig, turning out an entirely new toy to take to the waters. Whether you’re looking to add extra difficulty to your motorized surfboard sessions or simply want to cruise faster than ever, this thing should help you get it done.


The Jetfoiler, basically, installs the electric motor on the hydrofoil instead of the deck, allowing the darn thing to keep you cruising the waters while hovering a few inches off the surface. During riding, it functions much like any conventional motorized surfboard, except as soon as you hit a certain speed, all you need to do is lean backward to send the board gliding on top of the water. You can control the motor via a handheld remote, so you can quickly get it blasting or send it to a screeching halt. Both the deck and the foil are made from the same high-quality composites used in high-end race boats, ensuring they’re lightweight and durable, while adding very little drag.


As of now, the Jetfoiler is still under development, so there are no details yet on how fast and how long it can ride. You can learn more from the official website.

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