Jetovator Is Like A Flying Jet Ski

You love your VXR Waverunner.  And we know why.  Riding through the open waters at high speed is all sorts of awesome.  The only thing that would make it more awesome, in fact, is if your jet ski could fly.  Well, it still can’t.  But you can now use your jet ski to fly on a machine that also looks like a jet ski with the Jetovator.

Using the same principles as the Jetlev and the Flyboard rocket boots, the kit connects to your jet ski’s water jet outlet, using its engine to generate a strong gush of water that will lift you up to the skies as far as the included water hose will allow.  The jet ski stays on the water the entire time, so there’s no risk of damaging your expensive piece of watersport equipment, as well.

The Jetovator sits you on a mini-motorcycle-like machine with a fiberglass body.  It sports a bike-style saddle and front handles that put you in a crotch rocket posture, with throttle controls available right on the handle.  Since you have something more familiar to grab your limbs onto (it looks like one of those kids’ rocker motorcycles that can rock back and forth), we’re guessing this is a bit easier to use than either the Jetlev or the Flyboard.

A total of three nozzles blast water out to keep you in the air, with a 50-foot long hose pumping water to let you soar a considerable distance off the surface.  Adaptors that let you connect the hose to Yamaha, Seadoo or Kawasaki jet skis are included.

You can get the Jetovator Basic Kit for $8,975.  Ownership of a jet ski is necessary, of course, which means this isn’t going to be a cheap rig.

Check out the video of Jetovator in action below.

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