JetScream Whistle Lets You Create Noise Pollution On The Sly


Need a really, really loud whistle for those moments when you want to be heard? Try the Jetscream Whistle, which should render anyone in your immediate vicinity near-deaf with its 122 dB of noise.

Created by Ultimate Survival Technologies, it’s intended for the outdoors, so that your friends may find you the next time you get lost in the middle of the woods.  Of course, it might also attract carnivorous predators that feed on confused weekend warriors like you, so better be prepared for that, too.

The Jetscream Whistle isn’t exactly the loudest whistle around, but it brings one of the best combination of features currently available.  Not only will its 122 dB make for an annoyingly violent way to call a flagrant foul, it can also survive in low temperatures (allowing you to whistle when you get trapped in a freezer) and is extremely portable (it’s flat enough to fit in your wallet).

Want to discourage telemarketers from calling you again?  Put this through the phone’s mouthpiece and blow.  Ack!  Torturous.  Need a better way to wake up your kids for school?  Tee-hee.

Rated as one of the “highest piercing whistles on the market,” the Jetscream Whistle is guaranteed to annoy everyone that hears it.  Since it’s small, you can hide it rather easily too.  Blow on it while your boss is pouring scalding hot coffee, slip it quickly in your pocket and watch the ensuing hilarity.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to go,  “Wha– What was that, *expletive*expletive*?”