JFD SEAL Carrier Converts Into A Submersible For Stealth Approaches


No, you probably don’t need a stealth watercraft that can slice through the surface of the water, partly submerge to hide from sight, and go underwater to completely evade detection. If you dream of putting together a supervillain hit squad at the some point in the future, though, we guess having one of these LFD SEAL Carriers in your fleet can only be an asset.

Designed to accommodate two pilots and six crew members, the versatile watercraft can be used to stealthily deliver a six-man combat team to your supervillain missions, quietly launch weapons from under the water, or serve as a launch platform for underwater drones. Yes, you can use it to just enjoy the water, too, although there are probably cheaper ways of doing that than a military-grade watercraft.


The JFD SEAL Carrier is a 30-foot vessel with top and side panels that can be manually deployed when going into submersible mode, at which point it can dive at depths of up to 164 feet. Equipped with a 350 horsepower diesel engine and two 10KW thrusters, it can slice through the water at speeds of up to 34.4 mph when riding on the surface of the water, although it should get drastically slower once underwater (5.7 mph semi-submerged and 4.6 mph fully submerged).  It comes complete with onboard sensors and navigation systems, ensuring it can provide accurate positioning and safe transit no matter the water conditions.


No pricing is listed for the JFD SEAL Carrier, but you can learn more about it from the official website.

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