JHO Knives Blanka Shrinks Down The Meat Cleaver To Fit In Your Pocket


It look like a meat cleaver. You know, those heavy broad-blade knives that butchers use to cut through the bones of whatever meat they’re chopping up. Except, the JHO Knives Blanka is designed to fit in your pocket, making it one of the most unique-looking EDC knives we’ve ever encountered.

A shrunk-down cleaver, the knife isn’t likely to let you cut through large chunks of flesh like normal-sized cleavers, but it does make for one-good looking EDC knife. And, yes, it’s as functional as any pocket blade that you’ve got in your arsenal, so you can use it for everyday cutting, chopping, and slicing duties, all while looking infinitely more awesome than every other pocket knife sitting in your drawer.


The JHO Knives Blanka is a fixed blade pocket knife that measures just 5.1 inches, with the blade taking up three inches of that. It has two cutting edges, along with a Japanese-style tanto tip, so you can use it either with a downward or forward motion, giving you versatile options in the way you grip and hold the knife. According to the outfit, it provides a secure and comfortable grip, allowing you to exert a lot of control during the performance of any task.


According to the outfit, the bottom edge works great for skinning and slashing movements, while the front edge is perfect for stabbing and push cuts, so this should feel like a familiar knife despite its unusual appearance. At the end of the handle sits a lanyard hole with an integrated paracord and bead that you can use for chopping thicker branches and wood – just grip the paracord along with the handle, then flick the knife to give it greater velocity upon contact for stronger impact.


The JHO Knives Blanka has a blade made out of VG-10 Japanese steel, along with a handle cut in a glass-reinforced resin material. It’s sized to tuck safely inside a leather sheath with an O-ring on top, so you can hook it to your belt loop as an alternative to keeping it in your pocket.

Want one? The JHO Knives Blanka is priced at $205.

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