JHO Lynx Knife Is Designed To Fit In Your Wallet


Want to carry a knife, but don’t have enough room in your pocket for a folder? Not a problem with the JHO Lynx, a compact blade sized to fit inside a card slot on your wallet.

That’s right, this thing lets you keep a functional knife in the same place you stash your bills and credit cards, allowing you to carry a handy tool without using additional pocket space. That way, you’re ready to cut, slice, and tear your way through anything, whether on the road, in the office, or around the camp.


The JHO Lynx is made from vacuum heat-treated CPM S35VN steel, the same material frequently used in crafting high-end production knives due to its superior corrosion resistance and edge retention. Milled holes and jimping along the top half of the card provide a reliable grip during use, so much so that the outfit claims you can pour slippery oil onto it and retain a stable hold during use.


Blade comes with a chisel-grind straight edge, making it suitable not just for tearing through packages and slicing fruits, but even for shaving off your bushy facial hair. It measures 88 x 50 x 2 mm (w x h x d), making it small enough to fit in even the most compact wallets, with a bitumised paper sheath ensuring it doesn’t tear through your favorite billfold. It comes in satin and stone wash finishes.


Available now, the JHO Lynx is priced at $90.

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