Jigsaw Catchall Is A Portable All-In-One Stand For Your EDC Gear


Yes, you can put your wallet, your phone, your keys, your sunglasses, your watch, and everything else you carry daily on any random table in the house. That’s the easiest way, however, to spend an hour the next day trying to remember where you ended up putting each one. The Jigsaw Catchall is a docking station that lets you stash all your EDC gear in one place.

Designed to set up on a bed stand, a desk, or a side table, the rig offers plenty of room to hold all the gear you carry on a daily basis, saving you from the hassle of having to locate each one the next day. From your phone and your keys to your sunglasses and favorite pocket knife, there are enough appointments here to keep everything neat and tidy.


The Jigsaw Catchall consists of two boards, each of which come with slots that allow them to interlock for easy assembly. There are no fasteners holding the two boards together during use, which allows them to be easily collapsed and flat-packed, in case you want to bring out of the house and on the road. That’s right, you can use it as a docking stand when you’re traveling, giving you the same convenient docking station in the hotel, resort, or AirBNB you’re staying in as the one you enjoy at home.

The front of the unit is designed to serve as a smartphone stand, with a size that should accommodate even the largest smartphones. There’s a cutout on the side that’s designed to hold a wallet (or a similarly sized object), as well as a cutout for a watch, a fitness band, or a bracelet. Cutouts on top allow you to hang keys, necklaces, and lanyards, while a tray in the back should make for a perfect catch-all for all your other pocket dumps. Oh yeah, there’s also a cutout for routing a charging cable, so you can charge your phone while it sits in the stand, as well as a routed groove for holding a pen. It should also be large enough to accommodate larger travel headphones, in case you’re one of those people who prefer using that for your daily listening.


While designed for your EDC gear and pocket dumps, the Jigsaw Catchall should make for a great all-around stand. As such, you can use it to hold your iPad when watching a movie, a cookbook when you’re in the kitchen, or whatever else you need to stand on a table at a reading angle.


Construction is high-quality plywood, which, according to the outfit, boasts exceptional strength and decorative edges, all while having an inner ply that’s made from hardwood rather than softwood materials. Each one has been sanded by hand and prepped with a birch raw wood surface that you can paint, stain, or color according to your tastes. When assembled, it measures 8 x 7 x 11 inches (height x depth x width).

Available now, the Jigsaw Catchall is priced at $30.

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