Joe’s Sticky Stuff Is A Double-Sided Tape That Peels 100% Clean

Doing some holiday decorating?  Probably not, since you’re a lazy bum just like myself.  In case you are, though, you’re probably wondering how to hang all that colorful Christmas gear without turning your walls into a warzone.  Well, that’s what Joe’s Sticky Stuff is here for.

Billed as an “aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive tape,” this double-sided stick machine can hold up all of the decoration your heart desires without requiring you to pick up a hammer and punch holes in the wall.  Originally made for the film industry, it’s the same product used in countless movies and TV shows to hang and hold props in place when shooting in rented locations.

What makes it different from foam tape, blue tack or butyl?  While Joe’s Sticky Stuff performs similar high-hold, insta-hanging powers, it does so without leaving any residue.  Yep, it peels off clean, making removal easier than any double-sided adhesive before it.

Since it removes clean, you can use it on anything that needs to be held down without worrying about mess.   Aside from hanging stuff on walls, you can use it to keep your USB aquarium from moving every time you slam your desk in anger, secure your Duddha Rug on the floor, and, maybe, even hold your tentacle moustache in place.

The tape is half an inch wide, with each roll measuring 20 feet long.  Joe’s Sticky Stuff comes in a tin can similar to Grinds Coffee Pouches, making it easy to keep in your pocket for use right when you need it.  It’s available from Thinkgeek, priced at $19.99.