Cruise Around The Water Like An Atari Videogame Spaceship With This Triangle-Shaped Boat


We’re not quite sure about the virtues of cruising the water on a triangle-shaped boat. If you’re looking for something much different than the kayaks and canoes littering your local bodies of water, however, you’ll definitely take a liking to the Tinnie 10.

Designed by Joey Ruiter, it’s a small boat with a three-sided hull, allowing you to streak through the water like the speeding tip of an arrow (or like a spaceship in Atari videogames from the early 80s). It doesn’t matter you’re racing in a river, cruising in a lake, or exploring a heavily-flooded neighborhood, this thing will make for an impressive if not totally attention-grabbing presence in the water.


The Tinnie 10 measures just 10 feet long and 6.3 feet wide, with a weight of 173 pounds, so you and a companion should have no trouble getting it in and out of the water. It’s powered by a four-stroke engine putting out horsepower, with upgrade options to either 10 horsepower or an electric motor, so you can cross waters in pure stealth mode like a sneaky supervillain. Features include a transom height of just 15 inches, a powder-coated aluminum hull, white oak plank flooring, and a two-person bench upholstered in Xorel textile. The boat can support up to 500 pounds of weight.


No pricing is listed, but you can learn more about the Tinnie 10 from Joey Ruiter’s website.

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