Join Turns Utensils Into Dinner Table Torture Puzzle

Thinking up of ways to work up an appetite before dinner?  Or just looking to torture hungry dinner guests?  Either way, you can make having the right to eat a challenge with Join, a three-piece set of utensils that can be slapped together to  form a mind-boggling puzzle.

Created by Konstantin Slawinski, it’s based on a Japanese puzzle that involves three sticks joined together that you must disassemble into separate parts.  We’re guessing you can use those sticks as chopsticks for chomping on sushi and yakisoba, which make the utensils version a logical next step.

Join consists of three cutlery pieces: a spoon, a fork and a knife. All of them have varying types of cutouts along the center of the handle, which you can then use to assemble it into a free-standing puzzle sculpture.  Fortunately, it comes with instructions (pictured below), so you can leave all the head-scratching to the other people in the table.

We’re not sure how well brain challenges can contribute to working up an appetite, but something like this should be able to give you a good idea.  Plus, it makes for an excellent dining table sculpture – set it on top of the plates and we bet your guests will  gush at the clever table decoration.  At least, until they realize they can’t figure the damn thing out and just begin dipping their grubby hands in the stew.

No word on price yet for the Join, but it looks like it will be available soon.  You can find the list of dealers on Konstantin Slawinski’s site.

[Konstantin Slawinksi via Core77]