Sneakerhead Derek Jeter Fans Can’t Miss This: The Jordan Brand DJ3K Trunk

If your father knew you will grow up to be so obsessed with fashion sneakers, he probably would have forced you to wear boots as a child.  While going to gym class.  And he would have told the teacher not to let you take them off.   As it is, there’s nothing more he can do.  You love your Air Jordans like your girlfriend loves her handbags.  It’s a strange sight.  Make it even stranger by taking this DJ3K Trunk with you during trips.

Made by Jordan Brand, it’s a unique collectible made specifically in honor of Derek Jeter’s 3,000th career hit, the first New York Yankees player to ever accomplish the feat.  And you don’t just get a trunk either — it comes preloaded with all 10 sneakers in the Jordan Brand Derek Jeter footwear collection.

The Jordan Brand DJ3K Trunk features a custom-designed interior with designated shelving spaces for each pair of shoes, complete with a plate listing model information (so your friends can quit asking you which one is from two years ago or whatever).    The encasement comes in a dirt-friendly white finish, with metal accents along the edges and a large Jordan Brand Derek Jeter logo right at the center.

Only two of the trunks have been made: one owned by Derek Jeter and another that’s currently being auctioned off at Steiner Sports.  All the shoes included with the sale will come signed by Mr. Clutch himself, making for a set that you’d probably prefer displaying at home, rather than using for everyday wear.

Bidding is now open for the Jordan Brand Derek Jeter DJ3K Trunk, with bids starting at $2,500.