Smart Design: C-Pump Single Hand Soap Dispenser

Sensor-activated automated soap dispensers are a godsend.  If you feel like all that electronics is overkill but still cannot stand regular soap dispensers, maybe you’ll find yourself smitten with the C-Pump.

Made by Joseph Joseph, it’s a pump-based soap dispenser that reimagines the traditional pump design (like the ones used on the Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser). Instead of a pump you press on with one palm while the other palm waits for the soap to pour or a pump-nozzle that you touch with the same dirty palm that collects the soap, it lets you use the back of your hand to press while your upturned palm receives the soap for easy one-handed operation.  It’s simple, it’s clever and it’s a heck of a lot more convenient than previous designs we’ve seen, short of an electronic pump.

Named for its C-shaped dispenser, the C-Pump puts the actual nozzle under the top of the head, with the bottom of the C-figure acting as the button for activating the pump.  If the back of your hand is just as dirty, you can, of course, press the head using your clean hand instead.  Basically, it allows for more hygienic dispensing, with less-risky options other manual soap pumps just don’t offer.

Constructed with plastic, it comes with a non-slip base, so you can sit it by the side of the sink with no problem.  Features include a soap-level indicator window on the rear side, and a removable head for easy refilling.

The Joseph Joseph C-Pump is sold in white and black, priced at £18.

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