Joule Lets You Work On Your iPad While Keeping It Standing

There’s bound to be a ton of iPad stands coming in the next few months. So far, though, the Joule appears to be one they’re all going to have to be measured by.  Sporting a minimalist two-piece design, it manages to be extremely tasteful, all while leaving the tablet completely functional.

Created by Element Case, the new accessory isn’t only geared for viewing your iPad. Billed as a “work stand,” the sturdy arrangement provides enough resistance to let you use your gadget’s touchscreen without tipping it over. That means you can surf the web, type an IM or even play games with both hands without having to set the device flat on a table.

The Joule consists of a CNC-machined aluminum cylinder with a velvet-lined slot, sized to fit the iPad in both portrait and landscape modes. An adjustable tilting rod sticks out of the rear, allowing you to change standing angles, all while helping keep the whole thing from rolling back. For extra stopping power, the cylinder base is padded with rubber. It comes with a cutout to let you access the Home button, as well as a hole to route the speaker output to the front.

If you really intend to get the most use for your iPad, being able to handle it in a vertical position without having to lose one hand is a must. And this thing does exactly that, with aesthetic flair to boot.

Available in limited editions of either polished or black anodized aluminum, the Joule is now on retail for $129. Custom coatings and laser engraved graphics can also be requested for an extra charge.

[Element Case via Gadget Lab]