Journey Nexa Laptop Sleeve Serves As Mousepad And Dual Wireless Charger Once You’re At The Desk

It looks like any laptop sleeve that you can use to keep your laptop from getting nicked and scratched during transit. You can tuck it in your arm or slip it inside your favorite backpack, too, as it’s nice enough for the former and compact enough for the latter.  However, the Journey Nexa Laptop Sleeve is actually designed to do a bit more than just serve as a dedicated storage for your portable PC.

More than a laptop sleeve, the accessory can serve as a mouse pad and a wireless charging hub, allowing you to use it even after hunkering down to get work done at your desk. Whether you spend your days in the office, the coffee shop, or a shared workspace at the business center, this thing can serve as a handy desk accessory on top of being a protective accessory from your laptop on the way there.

The Journey Nexa Laptop Sleeve is an erstwhile normal-looking sleeve that’s sized to fit your laptop snugly. It has a vegan leather shell that gives it an elegant, professional appearance, while a soft quilted lining ensures your laptop is covered in a gentle, protective surface. There also seems to be some light padding, which should help absorb any impact it encounters while you’re on the go. A flap with magnetic closure keeps the laptop securely inside, all while making it easy to put in and take out without any fuss.

Of course, what makes this laptop sleeve unique is the fact that it’s not just a storage case for your laptop. Once you take the laptop off the sleeve, for instance, you can use the accessory as a mouse pad with a smooth surface that should allow unimpeded movements for your navigation peripheral. Only issue is, the underside seems like the same material as the top of the sleeve, so they, hopefully, added some material in there to add grip, lest have the mousepad move around on the desk while you’re using it.

The Journey Nexa Laptop Sleeve also comes with wireless charging under the lid. Specifically, it has a round magnetic charging pad for your phone and a square charging pad for your true wireless earbuds. According to the outfit, the round charging pad is Magsafe-compatible, so your iPhone should slip right in, although you can also use it with, pretty much, any smartphone that supports wireless charging. The earbuds charging pad has a 5W output while the smartphone charger puts out 15W.

Two sizes of the sleeve are available: one for 13- and 14-inch laptops; and another for 15- and 16-inch machines. Do note, it doesn’t have an integrated battery, so you’ll need to plug it in to an actual power via the built-in USB-C port if you want to use the wireless charging pads. We do wish they added a pocket for a compact mouse, so you can keep the peripheral in the same place as the laptop, especially since you’re going to use the sleeve as your mouse pad anyway.

The Journey Nexa Laptop Sleeve is available now, priced at $109.99.

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