Joyboat Is A Quiet, Novice Friendly Joystick-Controlled Electric Boat

Riding a motorized boat is fun, but if you enjoy quietly cruising down the water a whole lot better, a sailboat is likely a better option. If the slower speed of sailboats doesn’t quite satisfy you the right way, the Joyboat offers a seemingly suitable middle ground.

Made by Sky-Yacht, it’s an electric motorboat that pairs the quiet of sailboats with just a little more speed, allowing you to cruise in peaceful silence while still reaching your destination sooner. While we doubt the speed will come anywhere near a gas-powered motorized boat, it’s still a less-troublesome affair compared to fussing with a sail. You can’t put joy in a boat’s name if it’s going to make you do plenty of work, after all.

Billed as an “innovative motor yacht,” the Joyboat is a five-person watercraft that runs on a pair of electric motors. Steering module is operated using a joystick, making it very accessible even to novice seafarers, with the battery charge level easily visible from the control panel. The standard model comes with upholstered mattresses, anti-skid decking, and a swim ladder, while the high-end Prestige model throws in a 7-inch multimedia touchscreen panel, a pair of 50-watt Bluetooth speakers, GPS, autopilot cruise control, and remote steering.

No top speed is listed, although a full charge of the onboard batteries should last it up to 8 hours of use. Available options include a boat trailer, a Bimino top, a yacht cover, a table, and a 10-inch touchscreen panel.

No word on availability date, but pricing for the Joyboat starts at €6,900.

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