Jules Underwater Lodge


Ordinarily, if you checked into a hotel and found out it was underwater, you’d insist upon your money back and then complain about the flooding to your holiday rep! But visitors to the Jules Underwater Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, actually pay well over the odds for the pleasure of having their accommodation underwater!


The Jules Underwater Lodge is pretty much exactly what the name suggests. It’s a lodge and it is underwater. In fact, even to get in you must scuba dive 21 feet beneath the surface of the water and tackle and small submarine style entrance.

The lodge is essentially similar to a submarine, without the mobility! It is used a location from which to take short diving tours, for a quick lunch visit or for overnight stays. The images show that living isn’t exactly what you’d call 5 start luxury. The bedrooms are basic (with somewhat child like aquamarine bed linen), there’s no plasma screen TV, just a small, fairly old looking set and the kitchenette and dining area look like they might struggle to fit two people in. However, the presence of a structure underwater enhances the marine life around it, scientists have proven. As such, you get a pretty spectacular view from the lodge. It isn’t any hotel that you can pop outside and scuba dive from, right?

And not just anybody can visit! If you’re not a certified diver, you will first have to take a 3 hour diving course in the Emerald Lagoon area at a cost of $175. And of course, putting your body under submarine style stress means you need to be in perfect health. So it isn’t targeted at everyone. And it isn’t cheap, either! A 3 hour visit will set you back $125 per person and an overnight stay starts at $275 if you are part of a group of 4.Of course, prices increase if there are fewer of you. So no, not exactly cheap and easy. But definitely a once in a lifetime quirky experience.

Jules Underwater Lodge