Jura Ena 8 Brings Single-Serve Coffee Convenience Without The Pricey Pods

Single-serve coffeemakers are great, allowing you to make delicious coffee with the simple press of a button. It’s convenient. Problem is, not everyone likes using pre-flavored pods – some people actually prefer grinding their own beans and all that stuff. The Jura Ena 8 brings that single-serve convenience to those folks.

Designed for home use, it’s a coffee machine that grinds, brews, and serves single-serve cups at the push of button, so everything is freshly-made right in your kitchen without requiring any actual work on your part. That means, you get higher quality coffee than those coffee pods while actually paying less, since everything is made right in your countertop only when you need it.

The Jura Ena 8 is bigger than your standard home coffee makers at 10.7 x 12.7 x 17.5 inches (width x height x depth), which is understandable, since it integrates a coffee bean compartment and a water tank, allowing you to brew coffee without making extra trips to the cabinets or the sink. A full-color 2.8-inch TFT screen and capacitive buttons at the front allow you to choose any of the beverages it can produce, which it will start brewing as soon as you make your pick. The machine offers 10 different beverages, namely standard coffee, espresso, macchiato, macchiato ristretto, latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso dopio, flat white, milk foam, and hot water.

You can adjust the drink volume, temperature, and coffee ground strength right on the machine, along with how much milk you want added to any coffee drink with milk in it (e.g. latte, capuccino). That means, you have plenty of room to customize recipes exactly to your liking, so you’re not stuck with an espresso dopio that you deem to weak compared to your usual fare. Do note, there’s no compartment for milk right on the machine (since it will spoil), so you’ll have to hook up the included milk tube to your own milk container. Just take the milk out of the fridge before making any drink with milk on it and put the tube inside it before starting a brew.

The Jura Ena 8 uses a high-performance 15-bar pump, so it can deliver what many believe to be the sweet pressure spot for making delicious espressos, along with the fine foam technology used in the outfit’s commercial machines, ensuring you can get the same feather-light milk foam you appreciate from the local baristas. The 4.4oz coffee bean compartment, by the way, is situated near the back, so you’ll want to stash a generous amount of beans on there to save yourself from having to reach far every time, with the 36.8oz water tank is cleverly placed on the side, allowing you to refill it hassle-free at any time.

It has a height-adjustable dispenser, allowing you to use both small cups and tall mugs, while built-in Bluetooth allows you to get a brew going without having to be right on the counter. Yes, we wish it used Wi-Fi, too, so you can make coffee right in bed, but the darn thing actually makes mean coffee drinks pretty fast, so you won’t have to wait long after you walk up to the counter and make a few button presses.

The Jura Ena 8 is priced at $1,899.

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