JustMount Is A Wall-Mounted Magnetic Organizer

A mini-shelf up on the wall makes an ideal space for storing keys, phones and other things you regularly stuff into your pants pockets.  However, you like your home storage fixtures on the fancy side and a mini-shelf just doesn’t scream modern techie the way you want your accessories to.  The JustMount Magnetic Wall Organizer should make for a more appropriate replacement.

Designed to mount on walls, it’s a thick piece of magnetic tile where you can stick metal items like phones, keys, small blades and similar gear.  You can use the front panel to hold items as large as a phone and the sides for smaller metal items like keys, a steel Sharpie and small pieces of jewelry.

The JustMount Magnetic Wall Organizer come with both screws and adhesive backing so you can take your pick of mounting options.  That way, you don’t have to  do any drilling in the cubicle walls at the office to install one — just slap the adhesive backside and you’re good to go.   The dual mounting options allow it to be installed in most any flat surface, including bathroom mirrors (so you can watch movies on your iPhone while you shave), the fridge (just in case you can’t find a safe place to rest your phone in the kitchen), and cabinet doors (could make for a nice place to hide the remote).  Got a lot of stuff to mount?  Then get several of these and line them up on the wall.

Currently collecting backers on Kickstarter, you can reserve a JustMount Magnetic Wall Organizer starting at $19.

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