JVC RD-R1 And RD-R2 Are Miniature Audio-Recording Boomboxes

Being an iconic product of the 80s, the boombox is one design that’s hard to forget.  That’s why companies keep resurrecting it in one form or another. JVC’s compact RD-R1 and RD-R2 are the latest to tackle that icon of 80s street.

Weighing a mere pound and just over seven inches long, both devices are notoriously small and light — a huge contrast to the shoulder-hoisted, booming portable sound systems of old.  They can play MP3,WMA and AAC files right from an SD card, complete with all playback functions and a small LCD screen to boot.

More than a music player, though, the RD-R1 and RD-R2 also double as audio recorders.  Sporting dual omni-directional mics, it can record live performances directly to an SD card at bitrates of up to 192 Kbps.  The recording feature comes with five-second countdown and clapper-style start functionality, so you have time to take a deep breath before recording your own freestyle rap jams.

The RD-R2 is the more expensive of the pair and comes with a few extra capabilities for your money.  Most significant of these are the built-in metronome and a 6.3mm mono jack for plugging in an electric guitar or mic, allowing you to use it as a full-fledged street-performing mini-rig.

Pricing for the RD-R1 is not known, although the RD-R2 will reportedly retail for ¥37,800 (around $460) when it rolls out to Japanese stores in February.  Yep, these things are quite hefty on the pocket, but the size and features sure sound like something to seriously consider.

[JVC via Akihabara News]