K99, An Ice Cream Van For Dogs

Even dogs scream for ice cream.  At least, that might be what happens in the UK, where the K99 Ice Cream Van will be hitting parks throughout the summer.

A store-on-wheels carrying cool treats designed specially for canines, the service aims to even up the playing field when it comes to quenching the summer heat.  According to the group, “Brits consume an average of around 50 ice creams per person,” all while their pets are relegated to dipping their noses on a bowl of water to cool down.  Yep, that’s ice cream, flavored to carry maximum appeal to man’s best friend.

Each K99 Ice Cream Van comes painted in colorful bone, paw print and ice cream graphics, making them easy to spot amidst crowds and traffic.  Like regular ice cream trucks, they also play their own catchy tune over on an endless loop.  Instead of the familiar ice cream song, however, they’re going with the theme from Scooby Doo.

Since these are for dogs, the flavors aren’t your regular chocolate and vanilla variants.  Two are currently available, namely the Dog Eat Hog World (gammon and chicken sorbet with a dog biscuit on top, served in a cone) and the Canine Cookie Crunch (dog biscuits mixed in with vanilla ice cream).

The K99 Ice Cream Truck made its debut at the Boomerang Pets Party in Regents Park this past Saturday.  Price for each icy dog treat is 99 cents, all of which go as donation to the non-profit, Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs.

[via Daily Mail]