Ka-Bar’s Tactical Spork Comes With Hidden Knife For Defending Your Dinner


In a bind, even a spork can serve as a functional weapon, since you can use it to stab an attacker in the eye and other delicate regions. The Ka-Bar Tactical Spork, however, can do so much more, with its hidden blade enabling far nastier offensive actions.

Like any well-made spork, you can use it as an eating utensil, whether you’re chowing down a bowl of salad in the office, a plate of spaghetti in the backyard, or a can of beans in the backcountry. Except, of course, it also has a hidden knife that you can use to slice up beef, pork, and any cut of meat you have sitting on the plate, apart from serving as an emergency self-defense weapon in a jiffy.


To access the knife, simply pull on both ends of the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork to reveal the 2.5-inch serrated blade, making deployment even easier than your trusted everyday folder. Do note, you’ll have to pull from both ends and stay away from the middle, as that section is part of the locking system that keeps the spork in place, to properly deploy. It’s made from Grilamid, a food-safe, UV-resistant, and ultra-high strength polymer, so this should serve just as capably as any spork or blade in your toolset. Dimensions are 6.9 x 3 inches (length x width).

Available now, the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork is priced at $15.50.

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