Kahiko Table: Yes, This Is What A $100,000 Table Looks Like

Yes, a $100,000 price tag for a table is absolutely preposterous.  But the Kahiko Table is made from materials that are just as absolutely preposterous, so every cent of that asking price is probably well deserved.

The base?  It’s made from a composite of engineered wood and carbon fiber, with a unique geometric shape that looks like it will be right at home as part of a sculpture as it will be in your mansion’s dining room.  The centerpiece, though, is that tabletop, which is fashioned from a 50,000-year old Ancient Kauri, the oldest workable wood in the world and one of the rarest woods you will ever find.

Created by craftsman Robert Teisberg, the Kahiko Table uses two book-matched pieces for the top, which, when combined, covers an area measuring 42 x 94 inches.  Polished to a shine, the wood features a unique grain called mega-curl, which creates a wave effect that makes the surface look three dimensional even though it’s perfectly flat.   This type of grain is exceptionally rare not just among other wood species, but even among Ancient Kauri, making this a truly special piece for furniture collectors.  Simply put, you’ll probably never see anything like it.

Only one Kahiko Table is currently available from Ancientwood.  Hit the link below to learn more.

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