Kammok’s Thylacine Sleeping Bag Uses Modular Layers To Offer Flexible Insulation For Year-Round Use


If you go camping throughout the year, chances are, you keep separate sets of sleeping bags for use, depending on the season.   That lightweight summer bag isn’t likely to cut it when you’re going camping late fall or early spring, after all, and a heavily-insulated setup will probably be too hot for anything other than the height of winter. None of those, however, are an issue for the Thylacine, a versatile sleeping bag that’s designed for year-round use, regardless of weather.

Made by Kammok (yep, the same guys who make these hammocks), it’s a three-part sleeping bag system that’s built around layering. As in, you can add or remove various layers of the system, depending on the prevailing weather. If it’s warm, just use the main bag. If it’s a little cold, throw in the second piece. Too cold? Add the third part and cross your fingers because that’s the last one.


The Kammok Thylacine consists of a base bag, a liner, and a liner insert. If it’s warm, then go to sleep using nothing but the base bag, which is rated to keep you warm at temperatures reaching 30 degrees Fahrenheit. For colder nights, throw in the liner, which brings the temperature rating down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit to the setup, with the liner insert adding the ability to keep you warm in zero-degree weather. Even more impressive, it comes with a custom-fitting capability, which allows you to control the exact length and width of the bag during use, eliminating open space that could give way to cold spots. Features include 750 Downtek insulation, ripstop nylon fabric construction, vertical thermal channels that enable even heating for the bag, and a pillow pocket, so it will stay in place the entire night.


Slated to ship in February, the Kammok Thylacine is now available for preorder. Each part of the system is available individually, priced at $329 for the base bag, $199 for the liner, and $99 for the liner insert.

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