Kangaroo Puts An Adjustable Work Surface Over Your Desk

You like that whole standing workstation concept.  But having to stand full time while you get work done sounds just as bad as having to park on your ass the entire workday.  If you don’t have space to set up two workstations, the add-on Kangaroo workspace should be a very useful compromise.

Made by Ergo Desktop, the rig , essentially, puts a workspace on top of your workspace.  You know, so you can work on your workspace while it sits on your workspace.  And the extra workspace features an adjustable height, so you can work at a comfortable angle while sitting, standing or hunching your torso diagonally (well, if you’re into that, anyway).

The Kangaroo comes in multiple configurations, although the base design for each is the same.  You get a six-sided wooden top (where you can plop down your LCD, keyboard and mouse) that you can slide along a vertical frame, allowing you to adjust the desk’s height by up to 15 inches.   Some models come with a monitor mount over the add-on table, too, so you can set up your display at an even higher angle and free up more of the elevated table area.

Designed for easy setup at any table, no part of the “sit to stand” work surface requires installing.  That way, you can easily move your work area from the home office desk to the dining table to the outdoor table in the backyard.  They also offer optional detachable work surfaces that can attach to the desk to extend the available space.

You can get the Kangaroo in either cherry, light maple, black or putty laminate finish.  Prices start at $459.

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