Solar Powered Field Desk Lets You Set Up An Office Anywhere Outdoors

Sometimes, you just want to hit the rugged trails, find a peaceful spot in the woods and work on a spreadsheet.   Because that’s how you roll.  While that’s normally not an option since there’s no power in the wild, it will be when you travel with a Kanz Field Power Desk.

Literally capable of turning any patch of land into a makeshift personal office, it’s a pop-up work table with a built-in power source.  That way, you don’t have to rush through typing that made-up report because you’ve only got half a charge on your laptop — you can take your time and really work on your made-up facts and statistics, too.

A mobile workstation based on the company’s Field Kitchen product, the Kanz Field Power Desk can fold into a portable trunk when not in use,  allowing you to carry it conveniently whether you’re trekking deep into the jungle, driving through the desert or just seeking out the most undisturbed spot in the beach.  It features an integrated lithium-ion battery pack that can hold up to 240 watt-hours of power at a time, space for up to three 20-watt solar panels and a charging drawer where you can plug in all the devices (multiple 12V and 5V outputs) you need to juice.

The case itself uses marine-grade aluminum panels for the exterior and birch plywood for the interior.  The lid can even be removed and replaced with a whiteboard if you need one (in case you want your wilderness office to feel like a real office).

Seriously, if you want a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of city life, but still need to work on that CAD model due next month, this Kanz Field Power Desk might prove to be one of the best tools for the job.  It’s available now, priced at  $2999 for the 240Wh model.

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